Specialised Custom Built – HV/MV/LV Cubicles

These cubicles are designed and manufactured according to the needs and specification of the customer to match the special / unique requirement.

These cubicles made up of aluminium or steel sheet containing different types of Electrical Equipments like:

  • Busbar system
  • Metering and protection system
  • Draw-out / Non draw-out GCB
  • Draw-out / Non draw-out potential Transformer
  • Unit Auxiliary Transformer
  • DC Excitation Panel
  • Batteries and Battery charges
  • Climate Control systems
  • HMI

The construction is compartmentalised, compact and with operating aisle if required by customer.
Some of the specialised custom built cubicles are:

  • Generator Auxiliary compartment having Generator circuit breaker, Excitation transformer, D.C Rectifier Panel, Unit Auxiliary transformer, etc.
  • Mobile Power station cubicles
  • Excitation cubicle
  • Load commutated Inverter cubicle
  • Solar cubicles


  • Voltages up to 15 kV
  • Continuous current up to 10,000 Amps
  • Short time rating upto 100kA