Isolated - Phase Busducts

Isolated Phase Busduct is a custom designed Busbar system enclosed in an aluminium duct forming the interconnection between Generator and Generator Transformer through Generator Circuit Breaker. Taps are taken to Unit Auxiliary Transformer, LAVT cubicle, Excitation Cubicle etc.

The Design & Construction of IPB are such that it reduces the short circuit forces to a very minimum, theoretically zero and also prevents the electromagnetic interference with a neighbouring steel structure. This system ensures high reliability of the inter connection, which is one of the most vital and critical element in the successful operation of the Generating station. Powergear has 35 years of experience in designing and supplying such a highly reliable equipment for hundreds of Generators in about 20 countries throughout the world.

The IPB system consists of the following associated equipments:
  • Air Pressurisation Equipment
  • Forced Air Cooling system, if required
  • Hot Air blower system
  • Various metering and protection CTs
  • GCB, LAVT, NG & Excitation cubicles
  • Galvanized Steel Structure for support of Busducts and GCB

The ratings under manufacture are:
  • Voltage rating upto 36KV
  • Continuous current rating upto 50kA
  • Short time current upto 800 kA --/200KA(rms)
  • The type testings are done upto the maximum testing capacity available in CPRI India or KEMA, HOLLAND.

Powergear also Supplies as per customer requirement associated equipments such as:
  • Hot air blower system
  • Air pressurisation system
  • Forced Air Cooling System
  • Current Transformer
  • PTSP cubicle
  • NG cubicle
  • Support Steel Structure