Generator Line & Neutral Terminal Cubicles

Generator Line side cubicle houses the generator line side busbar systems along with corresponding protection and monitoring equipments. The metering / protection PTs and surge protection equipment are also housed inside the cubicle.


Similarly, Generator Neutral side cubicle also house houses neutral side and star formation bus systems, integrated with neutral grounding equipment along with monitoring and protection systems.


These cubicles are mounted on the frame of the generator and have suitable interface with Generator on one side and the Generator Busduct on the other side.


In some cases, both these line and neutral side cubicle are mounted in one large cubicle and this cubicle is mounted on the flange of the generator frame having interface with Generator Terminal on one side and Generator Busduct on the other.


These cubicles are also provided with hydrogen detectors (In the case of hydrogen cooled Generator) and PD sensors as per customer requirement.



  • Voltage range upto 24 kV
  • Continuous current range upto 14000 Amps
  • Short time current rating upto ------