Electro Plating

Electro plating services are done in one of our group companies, who has one of the largest specialized electro plating facilities in Southern India with focus on Silver, Tin, Nickel and Zinc plating on Copper and Aluminum surface. Some of the products plated at our facility include copper tubes, Aluminum and Copper busbars, terminals, flats, plates among others. The facility has capabilities to handle large jobs of aluminium / copper fabricated parts, upto 3 Mtr Long Copper and Aluminum Busbars and up to 1100 OD Aluminum busbars.

The Plating services are:
  • Silver Electroplating on Copper Components
  • Silver Electroplating on Aluminum Components
  • TIN Electroplating on Copper Components
  • TIN Electroplating on Aluminum Components
  • Zinc Electroplating
  • Nickel Electroplating

  • Fully Automated Plant
  • In – House LAB
  • Full fledged Effluent Treatment Plant ( ETP) strictly according to Government Regulation.

The electroplated components are supplied and/or used in equipment supplied to several leading companies such as General Electric, ABB, Siemens, Alstom, Areva, Melco in India, Canada, USA and China.